Moon Journal
Moon journal

Lunar Intentional Living


But what is Lunar Intentional Living exactly? What can you do to achieve it? And WHY would you want to create an Intentional Lifestyle with the Moon?


When you choose to walk the path of the Moon you decide on a journey of self-exploration.

This is an exploration of your life, your inner world, your dreams and ambitions, your inner rhythms, your desires and so much more. Similarly, you will be discovering a new world of you, a world that is often suppressed.

When you discover and know though and though your inner world, you align with your core center and then, as you discover your inner voice and inner power, you can start creating magick…

Magick inside and out of you!

With this magick, you can manifest all your dreams and goals. correspondingly you will be using a structured and magickal system..the system of the Moon.

This couldn’t be more exciting! Your journey of self-discovery and inner power. What re you waiting for?

The Journal

When buying this journal you’ll receive:

  • A total of 103 pages
  • Option from two Moon covers
  • Including all Lunar Cycles + 2020 dates
  • From Moon Phases pages to general pages, cover pages, and extra pages
  • Lifetime access to the private hub where you can download the newest editions.
  • In the hub you’ll find a pdf document explaining the use of this Moon journal.
  • The Moon journal is available in PDF format: A4 and US letter size.
Moon Journal
Moon Journal

The Moon journal contains general pages explaining each of the Moon cycles in a year. You can fill them while planning your year ahead and while you work on your Moon cycles.

When working with the Moon phases you’ll find travelers pages. They move through each Moon phase until you reach the end of the Moon cycle.
The daily pages added at every Moon phase can be printed for each day of the Moon phase. Doing these will keep track of your rhythms, moods and energy levels. 

While creating these Moon pages I also kept the beautiful people of the Southern Hemisphere in mind. Therefore I divided the Moon Cycle names including period into Northern and Southern Hemisphere. In this way, you easily find the specific Moon Cycle by name according to the seasons of the year for both of the hemispheres.


When following the magick of the Moon, you follow your own magick. You align in your core center and from there you’ll be able to manifest consciously and positively your deepest desires.


As you work through the Moon phases you’ll discover your inner rhythms, energy levels, what motivates you, your supercharged days and so many more!


And as you do all this beautiful work, you discover the best gift of all: to love yourself unconditionally. From this love, your self-compassion and confidence will grow. And you’ll want to share this love…just see the magick happen!

…On Etsy…

Moon Journal
Vanessa Varlow

Sometimes I think I came from the moon, as my love for her is so big. ⁠I can’t even remember when it started, but it was so early on. ⁠

You see, I grew up in a small fisherman (and hippie) village called Horcon in Chile and it was (and still is) an amazing place to see the Moon in all her phases, accompanied in a paradise of stars. ⁠

I couldn’t ignore her, shining above the ocean, lighting everything around her, almost saying “look, I have so many lights and gifts to offer…and it’s not all that secret” and I felt and knew I was deeply connected to her. ⁠

I have moved and traveled around the world, always looking up to see her shine. And from that and much more the Moon inspired me to create the Moon series and this Moon Journal.

Vanessa Varlow, Moon Witch

“Only when you know yourself (W)hol(L)y you’ll be able to see your path clearly in front of you. Let the Moon shine brightly upon you – even when she’s dark – and let her guide you along the way.” Vanessa

Are you ready for your journey with the Moon?

Dive deep and discover your inner power, discover your inner voice and let start making magick!

Moon Journal

Meet me where the Moon kisses the Earth…


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