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How To Start Working With The Waning Moon Energy

In my previous post I talked about how to work with The Waxing Moon Energy. Now, we have approximately a two weeks period where the Moon will become less illuminated every day. She will decrease in size.

A Moon cycle can be divided into several systems. Here, I will use the four-fase system again, focusing on the last part; The Waning Moon Phase.

I’ll use the same four-phase system:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waning Moon

As the Waxing Moon Energy is Yang, now we have a Yin energy with the Waning Moon phase.  

The Waning Moon Phase

According to Oxford Dictonaries is Yin in the Chinese philosophy the passive female principle of the universe, characterized as female and sustaining and associated with earth, dark, and cold.

The Waning Moon phase is more passive. Meaning you’d probably feel a decrease in energy and feel more need to rest. We worked hard during the first have, and we released also this energy/intentions with the Full Moon.

So, as our energy decreases we could feel a bit melancholic or even sad. There is also a link between our hormones and the Moon. You see, they are all intertwined. Keep in mind that we our period would have to be synchronized more or less with the Moon Cycle. If it isn’t, then this decrease of energy and ‘hormonal’ moments could happen in another Moon phase.

The Waning Moon phase, preferably just after the Full Moon is a great time to share what you gained and learned during the first part of the Moon cycle with the World.

Keywords: Sharing * Giving * Release * Decrease * Let Go * Introverted * Rest

Tune-in with the Waning Moon Energy

Now is the time to harvest the intentions/goals you released during the Full Moon. What intentions/goals did you manifested? Or are you manifesting at the moment?

Share your goals, project, manifestations with friends and also via social media. If you created a product, a course, a service or anything of value this is the time for advertising and make yourself known to the outside world.

Throughout, this is a great moment to tied lose ends. Wrapping up your intentions; could be administrative tasks and other simpler things

You may also would want to start going through stuff that you no longer wish to have. If these things are in a good state, give them to charity or people you know may need them, as this is the time to give back.

Is there someone special who you’d like to thank, or give them something special? Maybe surprise them? Do it during this phase.

As I mentioned in my previous blog about The Waxing Moon buying, acquiring, gaining are keywords/moments for that phase. For this phase however, these are not the words where you want to focus! Instead, as I mentioned above, this is the time to give, share, and release in all levels.

Reflecting & writing

Also, you would like to reflect about your life, intentions, as so forth during this time. Did you learn something during this phase? Would you improve some things during the next moon cycles? What worked and what didn’t?

Tip: use a notebook or binder and name it “Moon Diary”. In here you can write everything about your intentions, goals and how they progress in during each Moon cycle. This way you’ll record not only your reflections but also what your magick manifestation formula is.

Around the last week (more or less) of this phase you’d like to take some time for yourself and be by yourself. Reflecting and introspection are best done when alone. Time for yourself, time to take care of yourself.

Working with the Waning Moon on a physical level

As I mentioned above, this is the time to take care of your self. Create your Self-Care list and apply some of your favorite things around this time. Things you could do are: taking a nice bath, giving yourself a facial, going to the sauna, getting a massage, make your sleep time sacred, etc. Use your imaginations and do the things you love, the things that relax you and nurture you.

After the Full Moon, as you feel a decrease in energy you would like to take a step back with your workouts. Adjust them to your energy levels. Maybe you could lower the intensity of your workout every day a bit more after the Full Moon.

If yoga is your thing, you could end up intermediate session with some Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra. And specially the last days of the Waning Moon Phase just do Yin Yoga and lots of relaxation and meditation sessions.

Declutter time

Is there a spare room, attic, cellar with (tons of) boxes? Maybe you are a collector? Or find it difficult to throw things away? Maybe there is a space in your living room, (bed)room that needs to be organized? Well, this is also the ideal time to dive in these spaces and have some decluttering and organizing time.

Don’t forget about organizing and decluttering your digital world too! Now a days, we often forget about our laptops, computers, tablets and telephone while they occupy tremendous time in our lives. Most of us, use these things for work and for leisure and so we accumulate tons of things in here sometimes creating total chaos, if we don’t clean it up often. Whether you like it or not, this is now our digital home…and we need to clean it up as we do with our own homes.

Tip: if you find difficult to organize your thing and or to declutter, ask someone to help you. Having someone, or a group of people around may keep you motivated, you can do a lot of work together, they can advise and support you in this task that for a lot of people is dreadful.

The Waning Moon Energy & I

I mentioned what the Waxing Moon Energy meant to me and how I visualized it. With the Waning Moon I also have a tiny motion picture in my mind.

Here, I see myself in a more or less curled up position while on my knees. My head wants to go to my chest and tummy, and my hands are wrapped around my head. Just below my neck I can see how, through a tinny gap, the energy I don’t need anymore – and also experiences – are expelled out of my system.

Nothing is going in during this moment, and I decide what I keep inside and what not. During this time I will write in my diary more than usual feeling and thinking about everything around this Moon cycle.

So, I release to the Universe what I no longer need while thanking the Universe and the Moon for everything learned, gained and accomplished. I also thank them for my lessons, and thus for the not so nice things as I know they are essential in my path.

For me, this phase feels more like autumn and winter to me, so it is a good time to stay more inside the house chilling with a good book.

Last words

Of course, this is a short guide on how to use and work with the Waning Moon Energy. But, there is much more to know and feel about the Moon.

Later on, I will write more about all nine phases and even narrowing it even further.

It also important to have an introduction, so you can decide if working with the Moon is something you would want to do.

Also, we can’t force our Moon calendars to the external World. Sometimes, we will have to do something that may not go along with this energy.

Do not fear such situation, but trust that the Universe is giving you this situation at the time for a reason “in Perfect Love & Perfect Trust”.

Keep in mind these are just tips, and you should always check with yourself and your energy. If your own cycle is not in sync with the Moon cycle but you still want work with the Moon, then it is key to find your own inner rhythm and discover the perfect formula when combining with the Moon Energy. So, never feel bad not being in sync with the Moon. This changes for women all the time, and there are great advantages to all the possible combinations.

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