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7 Powerful Reason for Having a Moon Journal

In this blog post, I will tell you why having a Moon journal can be of great benefit to you.
I will list the benefits not in order of importance, as I feel they are all important and compliment one and other.

What is a Moon Journal?

A Moon journal is a journal where you keep track of many things during a Moon Cycle. A Moon Cycle takes approximately 29,5 have to get completed and it’s important to work on it daily.

Depending on the Moon phase – a Moon has officially 8 Moon phase, I feel personally it has 9 (if you’re interested to read here why I feel this way) you’ll spend more or less time on your Moon journal.

To see its full potential you should use your Moon journal for at least six Moon cycles in a row, preferably a year. Besides, in the long run, you might fall in love with the Moon – and yourself – and you probably will like to maintain these beautiful daily habits for more than a year. After all, it has become an indispensable part of you.

7 Powerful Reason for having a Moon Journal

#1 Self-Care is a Priority

journaling is one of the best acts you can do for self-care. Caring about yourself will make your inner love and self-compassion to grow. We often hear “Love will set you free”, meaning for this love you have for yourself you will have the courage and strength to follow your heart.

As you follow the phases of the Moon, there will be time for lots of self-care. Moreover, in some phases, this will be more prominent than others. But as mentioned above, the fact you are spending time with your Moon journal is already and act of self-care.

#2 You Start a Self-discovery Journey

Journaling is also an amazing way of self-discovery. As you write more and more and read your journal constantly, you will start noticing patterns, feeling and more that you might have not seen before.

While each Moon phase has its own energy, each day has its own rhythm. The Moon is a reflection of you, of your inner world. The same has with the Moon you have to your unique inner rhythms.

#3 Attracts Abundance

Having a Moon journal means you will spend time on your dreams. Consequently, these dreams will be transformed into intentions for a New Moon cycle. And these intentions will become goals.

Even more, you will use the energy of each Moon phase to help you achieve those goals.

# 4 Creates a Balance Between Feminine and Masculine energy

ou will discover that the same as the Moon you have your feminine and masculine energy. Moreover, you will discover how these energies manifest in you. Knowing this can create such a balance in yourself, which means you will be connected, and in your center. You will be aligned.

From this alignment, we can manifest!

#5 You are Able to Forgive

As you discover patterns in yourself, you may get aware of blockages and pains that may not let you move forward. Additionally, each Moon cycle allows you to connect with those blockages and from here acknowledge their lessons.

Only when you acknowledge and incorporate their lessons and wisdom, then you can move forward. I feel that often there’s a lot of guilt involved in those pains and blockages. By forgiving them we understand their lessons.

With this in mind, we can only forgive from a place of self-compassion. Sometimes it takes many Moon cycles to be in the right place. So, do not despair, continue to work on these themes and self-love and compassion. In time you will get there.

#6 Better Relationships

As you discover more and more about yourself, the easiest it will be for you to set boundaries. These boundaries combine with your growing self-love, will make you not only have a great relationship with yourself but with others too.

Furthermore, as your energy is changing for the positive, you’ll become a magnet for people who are vibrating on the same level as you. Unhealthy relationships will rapidly or slowly disappear, as some people might start disappearing from your life*.

* lots of people who are not vibrating on the same levels as you do (by this I don’t mean specifically they’re negative people, they’re just on another level than you) will resent you in your transformation, and they might try to change you to be the person you were before. Be aware of this, and do not doubt yourself. Try to remove yourself from these persons lovingly and compassionately.

#7 Better Health

Your body is a reflection of your inner world. If your inner world is not healthy, and you don’t take care of yourself holistically, your body will sooner or later pay the consequences. Your mind is also part of your body, so mental refer here to mental health too.

I wrote a blog about holism that you can read here.

Having a Moon journal and incorporating this journal to your daily habits, will also make sooner or later our immune system** stronger. Add these new habits with a healthy lifestyle (by this I mean nutrition too!) and you will see how you become again the captain of your life.

** Sometimes, for whatever reason, we neglected our body and health too long. Our bodies have started showing symptoms of illness – from the skin, respiratory, digestive problems, depression, etc. Always pay attention to your body and if you feel in any way that something is going on or you’re experiencing some type of symptom/discomfort/pain, then please go to your physician as soon as possible. A holistic lifestyle is for prevention and/or support, and is not always the solution to health-related problems. Unfortunately, it can be a sign of something much bigger is going on that needs medical treatment.

Final thoughts

Here you can see an example of one simple and something that says seem so small can have so a tremendous impact in your life.

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