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Hi, I’m Vanessa – Content Creator and Founder of Your WeatherVane. I’m a Holistic Life Coach who helps women transform their life by empowering them as they envision and follow their dreams and purpose.

With specific and personalize tools I guide and help women in their manifestation journey while accepting the things we cannot change.

I believe we all have the inborn power to the life we want as long as we align with the energies around us, and inside of us. If we can ride this wave of energies we live a life full of purpose even when it’s not what we thought it was in the first place.

Combining a Holistic lifestyle for achieving and maintaining our health at all levels with Intentional Living, we become the captain of our boat. Then, we are able to grave firmly the rudder full determination as we aim toward our desired direction.

We can only do this and more as long as we respect universal laws, the cycle of life, nature and not to our inner voice.

Sometimes we think we want something, but if we truly listen to our soul what is she whispering? Our intuition is key to unlock our inner voice and inner power.

In this website, with my workbooks and coaching sessions I provide you with the tools to tap to our intuition and become your own guru; the Alchemist of your life.

Your WeatherVane

At Your WeatherVane, we work with the transitions of life = The Wheel of Life and we look for ways to transform all events – from the mundane, special and also unpleasant ones – into meaningful lessons that will guide us and empower us in our lives.

As a WeatherVane, we aim toward the desired direction, letting the power of the cycles push us into that specific direction. As we move, we can adjust the direction however we want because we work with all elements in and around us.

You become Your own WeatherVane!

Key Focus @ Your WeatherVane

Holistic Lifestyle

Cultivating a Holistic Lifestyle by discovering our roots and creating a unique Holistic plan just for you

Intentional Living

Cultivating a healthy mindset so you have a clear direction while feeling full of optimism

Wheel Of Life

Cultivating and honoring all the cycles in and around us. Always paying attention


Cultivating our dreams and desires so they can manifest freely and intentionally

....... ✍ Printables & Workbooks ✍ .......


Journaling ignites intuition and creativity. Both are key elements for a holistic lifestyle and intentional living.  When we become intentional about ourselves and our lives we create a mindful reality. From this place, we can manifest freely from the heart.

Moreover, when we are creative we take care of our inner child. Often the one that needs the most attention and love, and unfortunately the one that is is forgotten. Coming from a place of love and playfulness we can heal our inner child.

This is not about just writing like we often see in journals. Instead, it’s about consciously checking with ourselves and our bodies, and consciously answering questions from the heart. It requires work and determination. Are you curious?

....... ☽ Coaching ☾ .......

The printables & workbooks can be used as an introduction – first step –  in our self-discovery journey but can also be used as companions when we decide on a coaching journey. 

Sometimes we do our damn best to do everything ourselves and by ourselves. And the same applies to the things that makes us feel stuck, unhappy or unmotivated. Before we no it, this state of mind of state of being becomes our normal and we no longer see ‘the way out’. We feel incapable to create our own change. Unfortunately, this will sooner of later be reflected in our bodies. A journey through (chronic) illness may start now…

Coaching is a place for you to take your life back and take responsibility for it. It’s a safe place where you not only will see your life from another perspective but also where you learn to beyour own guru.

My story in a nutshell

I was born in a little fisherman village called Horcon, in Chile. This was a humble place full of hippies and all types of creators. Here, I had an amazing childhood where the connection with nature was always present and where dreams had all the space to be and to play with.

When looking back to my childhood I remembered that I was always ‘busy’ with creative endeavors and ways to make money. You can say that I was extremely ambitious and wanted a lot from the world.

But as often happens, my life changed when we moved to the Netherlands. I was almost 15 and I felt I had lost my entire world. and know in this new world I had to start over. I leaned the language and study my ass off to go to college. When it came to choosing a career, I felt that I couldn’t choose anything creative because I was indirectly and indirectly told by many: “you cannot make any money as an artist”. So I decided to go for a mature choice: the economic field.

I did everything according to the books and found myself at 32 years old dealing with depression, another chronic illness, no job, no money and just tremendously unhappy.

Where was that creative child full of ambitious?

This question started to haunt me and forced me to look at my life and everything around it. I needed to understand how did I got here, and why I felt I couldn’t live my dreams. Also, I needed to get my health back!

I knew that whatever was causing my chronic illness was connected to something much deeper and that is when I came across the Holistic approach.

… and so I began my journey in a Holistic lifestyle as I emerge myself to become a Holistic Life Coach and well as applying this knowledge in my own life and in those who were dealing with something and wanted to get their lives back.

Because I believe:

  • We have the potential to become whomever we want and be wherever we want as long as we accept ourselves fully and freely
  • and thus, we choose – consciously or unconsciously – where we are and how we got here
  • We have more power than we think we have
  • Our thoughts and emotions create our reality
  • Our mind, body and spirit are connected
  • We live in cycles, with cyles in and aound ourselves
  • Cycles and thus nature are our greatest teachers.
  • Moving through the cycles is what balance is all about
  • Knowing ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly is essential
  • We all are connected in the web of life
  • We are our own guru; unveiling the inner alchemist
  • There is more than meets the eye
  • Every action has a reaction, always

Thank you for getting in touch with me! I look forward to hearing from you!


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