Creating Your WeatherVane

You might wonder what exactly I mean by that quote. Well, making wishes is super easy and you probably do it several times a day. But, do all your wishes come true? Probably not and the reason is that just wishing something is just not enough.

I know how frustrating it can we to wish for a better life, a healthy body, a different life and just not seeing any change at all.

That is why I created Your WeatherVane: a place for you to get a sense of direction in your current life. Here, you will find several blog post about:

  • Finding your path
  • Holistic life
  • Moon Wisdom
  • Creating a magickal life
  • Manifesting dreams
  • Self-care

Simply put a weathervane is a tool that points the direction of the wind. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be your own weathervane and could work with all that is around and inside of you? What if you could be guided by your inner compass, your purpose, desires and let you move in the right direction with the help of the elements?

Let me tell you a tiny secret…

As I wanted something meaningful I brainstormed a lot, but nothing appeared in my mind. One day out of the blue the word weathervane popped into my head. Not only was it the perfect word (or two words, depending on how you spelled) to summarize what I wanted to represent what I was all about but it also included my name in it too: Vane.

You see, in Chile people always shorten your name so in my case with my name – Vanessa – they always called me Vane. And so I grew up being called Vane and I still identify much more with my name like that, than being called Vanessa.

* I’m convinced that this a-ha moment was a message sent by my higher-self, guide, and Universe. All at once!*

But this blog is not about me, rather for women who are looking for some guidance and tools to create a balanced life, the life of their dreams and to navigate the what sometimes can be rough waters we get along our journey. Hence, Your WeatherVane.

About Vanessa

About me
  • I’m a Gemini, with my moon in Scorpio & Aries rising
  • Other typologies are: INFP, Enneagram 5, The Alchemist (from Cerries Mooney test)
  • Born in Horcón, Chile; a small fisherman village full beautiful hippies
  • Daughter of an Astrologer and Tarot reader Mom
  • I’m a mix of Chilean and Ducth heritage
  • I moved with my Dutch Mom to The Netherlands when I was 15 years old
  • Lived 21 years in Amsterdam
  • Spend a year in Barcelona
  • Moved to a small town in the south of the country three years ago
  • I live with my partner and cat
  • I’m a Post-It addict 😉

My story

Let me tell you a bit about myself, I grew up in Chile. First in Horcón and later in Viña del Mar. I spend my first years playing in the woods and beach with friends and animals. This was a magical place not only for kids but for adults too. Horcón had a mystery of its own and was truly a magnet for musicians, poets, actors, witches and other types of creative people.

All of this in the time of the hippies. Of course, my mom being a hippie came to this place. Little did she know what life had in store for her. Unfortunately, life was very rudimentary and hard. For this reason, we moved to the city of Viña del Mar, where the magic started to fade bit by bit.

As you can imagine the city life was totally something else from the small village I came from. But still, we made it work. I gain friends and before I knew it I was a young teenager.


The Big Change happened when I was 15 years old and for personal reasons be had to move to Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. I can say that it was extremely rough on me having to leave everything behind but I managed to adapt quickly, learned a new language and made incredible friends all around the world.

Being a teenager and having to do some adulting to do, I went on a survival mode. I went through high school, had a major crisis trying to decide what kind of career to chose so I could do a bachelor and decided to follow the economic path combined with a media degree.

Long story short, I did everything I was supposed to do while always having the feeling I was going the wrong direction. I continuously though “Is this all there is?” as I felt invaded of an uneasy feeling growing inside of me. I felt like a caged animal seeing my life flying in front of me.


In my early twenties, I started getting panic attacks and I thought I was loosing my mind. I was terrified and was too scared to tell anyone about these panic attacks. I finally confided with my mother and I felt how this huge weight came off my shoulders. As the panic attacks got fewer and fewer I started getting OCD; fear of leaving the stove on, or door open. I realized later I didn’t feel safe in my apartment and in my own skin. I didn’t trust myself…

But I ignored the best way I could….and as to be expected after lots of spontaneous cry sessions and insanely angry with everybody, my doctor sent me to a psychiatrist. I was 28 when I got the depression diagnosis combined with anxiety and OCD. I knew I needed to do something about it and little by little I started to change things around my life.

Because I was not suffering emotionally and mentally but also physically. With all of these, an Irritable Bowl Syndrome came along and refused to leave. My doctor said that I had to live with it…I couldn’t accept that!

2012 felt like the worst year ever and after losing my job end of 2012 I decided to do the things that matter to me the most. Starting with traveling through South-America and later starting with a new course in my life: becoming a Holistic Life Coach.

“It’s in those dark moments when we find our most valuable and dearest treasures”

Holistic Life

The nucleus, the key, the drive of Your WeatherVane is seeing life as a whole.

Also, living your life as natural as possible…What does that all mean?

When we live our lives in a natural way, what we actually do is listen to our deepest voice, our inner guidance, our intuition. It is about living a healthy life on all levels.

Holism is about seeing the whole; not just a body, not just the mind, not just emotions but everything together and seeing how they are connected. One will affect the other and vice versa. We do not separate people in symptoms, but rather look at the person as a whole and unique being.

When we are off balance, we will find natural ways to get in balance again. Once, you have your perfect formula you will do everything necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This formula is unique, just for you and can change over time. Living a healthy life and living your best life means that you take responsibility for your life and yourself as a whole. You keep checking in with yourself and remain curious about (your) life.

“In the soul of nature, you will find the nature of your soul”

Once we are in our natural and vital force we can see through the obstacles too, and our path, our purpose becomes clearer. We see the road, the direction we so much desire to take.

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My Witchy Life

Witchy life has always been very important to me. Therefore, writing about it can take a while and so I will try to shorten this as much as possible. A blog post about my life as a witch will follow later.

Since I can remember I felt a very strong connection with witches, the unseen and everything mysterious. There, I always felt that there was more than meets the eye. As in many cultures, in Chile, the word Witch was and still is rather a swear word to describe a bad woman. I knew deep in my heart that this was incorrect and as I grew up I understood much more about it and her history.

For me, a witch is a wise woman in-tune with herself and connected with her surroundings. She understands energy and can work with it while maintaining balance. A witch knows her power and does not abuse it. She recognizes that every action – good or bad – has consequences for her and for the world. Also, a witch feels a deep need to help the world and the people in it.

If we want, we can all be witches. Some are born with special talents and use them naturally, while others discover them along the way. Their talents were always there but were simply dormant.

For me, it’s all about combining magick with the mundane while maintaining balance in perfect love and perfect trust.

I use the word magick with a K instead of magic. Simply put:

Magick = “the art of changing consciousness at will” – Dion Fortune

Magic = illusions, and tricks found in a magician’s stage show.

Additionally, I love nature and always feel captivated by the Moon and her energy. There is great knowledge and wisdom in her and she can be a great teacher and guidance in someone’s life, especially to women. I also pay attention to signs and energy in and around me and my passion is to see the patterns in the cycles of life.

Priestess Path

I do not belong to any specific group and or order. If I had to describe myself in a movement or tradition, I’d say I’m Moon and Eclectic Witch. This means to me that I utilize different paths and traditions in my life but I’m always guided by the Moon and her energy.

Two years ago I started the Priestess path. This is a path where I travel with other Moon Sisters initially through seven specific gates and where we learn and experience the energy and wisdom of the Goddess.

A Priestess is a woman deeply rooted to the Earth while simultaneously she is open to connecting with the cosmic forces.

Keep in mind that there are several ways to follow the Priestess Path, and it is your personal choice deciding what kind you’d like to immerse yourself in. Also, using the word Priestess and Witch can be confusing sometimes. If this interests you, please send me a message (see contact form below). Likewise, I advise you to deepen your interest in this matter though recognized websites and books.


Being a Witch for me is something that I feel deep in my heart, deep in my bones, and it can be said that it is also my spiritual path. My path is not yours, and it doesn’t have to be.

If you identify with something else, another tradition, or spiritual path, please know that is your right and we can still be together, communicate and work together if we don’t have the same spiritual background or interests.

Diversity is what makes us special and interesting. It’s about standing on your own while being together in acceptance and with love in our hearts. I can’t stop emphasize that it’s all about balance.

Where I stand today*

*(The direction I'm pointing at)

For me, becoming a Holistic Life Coach and being a witch (or call it a spiritual person) was and still is the right path for me. It integrated everything, like creating a spider web, and I feel like I don’t have to choose anymore. I can accept everything from myself. All of my passions, all of my strengths and weaknesses, my creative side and analytical side, my light(ness) and darkness, just all of my extremes, because all of it is me.

Taking responsibility for myself, taking advantage of my curiosity and thirst for knowledge I started to see myself as a puzzle and began to work on it. I began to work on myself. And this is something that I still do, every single day.

These and so much more is what I stand for and what I want to bring to the world. I want to help you to discover your path, in taking your power back – physically, mentally and emotionally. To manifest the best version of yourself possible, moving forward, taking responsibility for your actions and all of these while having a magickal experience.

As a Holistic Life Coach, blogger, Witch, and creator of Your WeatherVane I hope I can help you and motivate you so you have the tools to change your life and empower yourself as you go along in this beautiful rollercoaster named ‘the journey of your life’.

Curious about my creations? Check them here!

What I believe and value:

  • We choose – consciously or unconsciously – where we are and how we got here
  • Magick is always present in our lives
  • That magick is energy in and around ourselves
  • Our body, mind, and spirit are connected.
  • We have more power than we think
  • That power can be scary but extremely helpful when we know how to work with it
  • Nature is our greatest teacher
  • We live in cycles with everything around us
  • Balance is essential
  • There is more than meets the eye
  • Every action has a reaction, always
  • We all are connected in the web of life
  • Our thoughts create our reality
  • If we paid attention we see constantly synchronicities around us

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Please keep in mind that the information on this website is created to support you, not to replace or compensate for medical treatment. When suffering from any type of illness – physical, mental or emotional – ALWAYS contact and consult with your physician. Take their advice and knowledge seriously. Again, always be responsible for yourself, your actions and decisions!