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#6 Tips for Successful Manifestation

Last week I wrote about manifestation and what is needed to have a successful manifestation flow. If you haven’t read the blog, just click here.

Now you know where you need to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You need to align with your whole being. This is the reason I talk about holism and why it’s important to be conscious about this too.

Read my blog post about starting an Holistic Lifestyle here.

As we clear path, getting rid of the blockages, we get in a healthy state, as a whole.

Likewise, we need to be healthy at all levels to attract good things into our lives.

We are always manifesting! Also when we feel crap….and what do we attract then?

In this blog post, I give you 6 tools and tips for you to practice, daily if possible. With these tools, you will start getting back into your natural flow. Consequently, if you follow these tips while maintaining a holistic – and thus healthy – lifestyle you will start getting your health back*.

#1 Use visualization techniques

When you visualize, you form mental images in your mind while you feel them, taste them, smell them and almost to the point of touching them.

These images are the things you want to create for yourself, and it’s important to feel how you want to feel while playing them in your head.

Therefore, make a mental movie of your dreams and desires and keep them always positive.

#2 Use affirmations

Affirmations are short positive statements that lift your spirit up. They are written in the present tense and are written in an active (positive) form.

A simple and powerful affirmation is: I AM WORTH IT

If you are new to affirmation, just look a few up in Google or Pinterest and find one (or a few) that resonates with you the most. Ask yourself: what do I need now?

Over time, try to create and write your own affirmations. When they’re yours, the more power they have.

Carry your affirmation with you and put it in a place you’ll see often during the day. Try to say them at loud if possible several times during the day.

Tip: start with you affirmation first thing in the morning and say it in front of a mirror a few times.

Use one affirmation at the time.

Once you feel the affirmation in your heart, in your being, change it for a new one.

#3 Pay attention to your words

Be mindful of the words you use during the day and how you talk about yourself to others. Also, pay attention to the way you talk about yourself internally.

You talk in a positive manner during the day or do you complain a lot? Do you use the words can’t, won’t and ‘no’ a lot? Worth when communicating with others as well when you talk to yourself.

Like attracts like → the more you stay in a negative state of being and therefore communicate this negativity to yourself and around you, you’ll keep attracting negativity. Also, you are spreading this negativity upon others. People pick this negativity up and carry it with themselves too. Then they talk negatively too. It’s like a virus!

So make sure you fill this “virus” with positive energy so it spreads inside of you and around you. This is where the saying: “spread the word” gets its meaning and therefore power.

# 4 Be grateful

Short and sweet: be grateful and say thanks for the things you have NOW today.

There are always things, people, animals, plants, foods, etc. to be grateful for.

The fact that your are a life is just one thing to be grateful for.

Every morning, as soon as you wake up, write 10 things you are grateful for.

# 5 Journaling

This is the place where we put all our experiences and feelings. Where we evaluate them, feel them and transform them. We transform them into something good, into something valuable.

Try to write everyday, make it a morning or evening ritual.

Journaling has many powerful and positive effects on our health and it is one of the best tools for self-discovery.

# 6 Meditate

Meditation helps us to clear our mind and brings us into a peaceful and stable state in our whole being.

Meditation brings us to a state where we not only can manifest more easily but it brings us to our natural state. Natural as it brings us to a place with ourselves, in calmness and quietness.

Over time, as we find ourselves more often in this place, we might be able to hear ourselves more clearly.

With ourselves I mean the voice of your heart, your soul and your body.

Nowadays, we are used to only hear our mental voice. This voice is often programmed from childhood into adulthood on how we are supposed to live, to do with our lives, to behave and all of that what our parents, society and in some cases religion has been ‘forced’ on us through what we often call ‘education’.

Often, this has put a lit on our inner voice and we have lots the path to that so so powerful voice.

Keep in mind, I’m not saying that education is bad, not at all as I’m aware we need it, but the focus has only been placed on that matter, forgetting our own ‘ inner voice, and thus inner education’.

Try to meditate everyday at least for 5 minutes.

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Final thoughts

When you incorporate these tools, you’ll see over time magick happening in your life.

I know how busy our lives are today, and sometimes finding the time for our spiritual practices feel impossible. But if be are’nt capable of finding the time and find ourselves stuck then nothing good will come of out it. Then, you’ll find yourself in a downward spiral, further and further away of your desires, of your dreams.

Therefore, try to combine several tools and create a morning and evening routine.

Start putting yourself first. What can be let go – for the time being – of?

Start prioritizing yourself and find ways to do so.

Much love, Vanessa

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