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Hi, I'm Vanessa

I’m the creator and director behind Your WeatherVane. I blog about living holistically, witchy living, (Moon) manifestation and spirituality. I just started with my Etsy shop where I offer several digital products such as Printable Moon Bundles. Shortly, I will be offering courses and my services too.

My Mission

is to create a sense of direction for women who feel stuck and/or lost in their lives. Through my blog posts, digital products, services, and social media I give support to those in need, and/or interested in the topics I write and to those who are learning about themselves and want to dive in personal development. With the tools available on Your WeatherVane I help women move forward in their lives so that they can manifest their dreams into their reality while having a magickal experience.

About Me

I’m a woman on a mission. I believe life is magickal and know deep down that we all can make our dreams reality. But I also know that a lot of us have at least one saboteur, call it our inner destroyer, that often hinders us from moving in the right direction or from moving at all.

I have too dealt with this saboteur, the inner critic(s) and I sometimes still do. So, I know what it is to live with it, to feel stuck, unmotivated and really, really sad about life. However, I also know that we are capable of getting out of that state, and we can communicate with our inner self, the light, and the dark side, ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’. We have to deal with some stuff first, and some of it may not be easy at all. In understanding and cleaning ourselves, we create room for other, much more positive experiences.

Here, I want to offer tools through my blog post, digital products, and services for you to make your life magickal again.

Want to know more about me? you can read my story here!

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Goal setting with the moon e-book

Beginner’s Guide to Set and Achieve Goals with the Moon - Free E-book


In this book you’ll learn to:

  • Set your intentions
  • Make priorities
  • Create your goals
  • Act and manifest during the correct Moon phase
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Share your knowledge
  • Evaluate
  • Rest & relax

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